Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to attend Dream City College?

Dream City College (ages 18-25) is an exclusive program to train up quality and uncompromising leaders for ministry. This means that we are careful to select the right individuals for the right reasons. Dream City College enrolls students who show exemplary standards of servant leadership, academic excellence, and spiritual maturity.

Interested students must fill out the application for Dream City College and undergo an interview process with Dream City staff. Students then apply to SEU through our Phoenix Extension link and they must fill out a FAFSA using the SEU school code. All of these items must be completed in order to be accepted to Dream City College. Acceptance to SEU does not automatically mean entrance into Dream City College. Students must apply to Dream City College as a ministry training program as well as apply to SEU in order to be accepted.

What is the regular schedule like for a Dream City College student?

Students hold regular hours at Dream City Church Phoenix campus on Monday-Wednesday 9am-3pm for spiritual development, ministry, and academics. Depending on the student's Practicum, an additional 12 hours of serving per week are added to this schedule for ministry experience. For weekend services, all students are required to attend one service, and serve one service regardless of their Practicum hours.

  • 9am-10am Spiritual Emphasis (Chapel, Staff Meeting, Small Groups)
  • 10am-3pm Classwork (SEU Academics)
  • Practicum (Practical Ministry) 12 hours weekly

The "regular" schedule above periodically shifts for Dream City College special events or activities.

Can I hold a job while I attend Dream City College?

Students are allowed to hold a part-time job while they attend Dream City College as long as their work schedule does not interfere with academic and ministry expectations. Dream City College must be the student's primary commitment.

Is Dream City College accredited?

Dream City College is a ministry of Dream City Church. Dream City Church partners with Southeastern University as our educational provider. Southeastern University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees. For more information regarding Southeastern University’s accreditation, visit

How long will I attend Dream City College?

Dream City College is reserved for students 18-25. Students can attend Dream City College for up to four years as they begin and complete their Bachelor degree.

Does Dream City College offer graduate degree options?

No, Dream City College is only for undergraduate students. All degrees are pursued through Southeastern University. At Dream City Church, our partnership with SEU is only affiliated with undergraduate degree options. However, Southeastern University does offer graduate degree options. We encourage anyone who wishes to pursue graduate work to visit

What is offered through the Adult Learning Option?

Adults outside of the 18-25 age range (or students who are otherwise seeking a General Education degree from SEU without a ministry focus) who attend Dream City Church are eligible to pursue an Associate of Ministerial Leadership, Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership, Bachelor of Science in Business & Professional Leadership, or Associate of Arts in General Education at SEU. During the semester, Adult Learners at Dream City Church are invited to attend monthly “All Staff Meeting” at Dream City Church that takes place on the first Tuesday of every month at 9am. Any practical ministry requirements that Adult Learners wish to pursue will be the Adult Learner’s responsibility to manage, separate from Dream City College programming.